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Shared with permission from Brandee Eubank of Saddlehorse Blues.
Thank you for your hard work Brandee!

If you’ve been following the news lately with regards to the lung disease/illness cases that are cropping up in parts of the United States, you’ll know that sifting through the reports is almost a job unto itself. Finding evidence-based reporting is even more challenging. I’ve compiled a list to help make that job easier. I’ll add to it as new reporting become available and contributes value to our understanding. 

Please, disseminate as broadly as possible. There are a lot of concerned vapers, smokers, and parents out there who are not getting access to accurate reporting and are worried. There are also people who will purchase black market THC cartridges because they’re not aware of the (increased) risk. 

Vape Pen Lung Disease: Here's What You Need to KnowDavid Downs, Leafly

ALERT: Major Breakthrough in Investigation of "Mysterious" Lung Disease Outbreak, Dr. Michael Siegel, Tobacco Analysis Blogspot

Contaminant found in vaping products linked to deadly lung illnesses, state and federal labs show, Lena H. Sun, Washington Post

The emotional and irrational hysteria in the US about the "vaping related: (or cannabis-related?) lung disease that goes far beyond confirmation bias, Dr. Farsalinos, E-cigarette Research

Health Officials Continue to Warn People Not to Use E-Cigarettes While Youth Get Life-Threatening Diseases from Vaping Marijuana, Dr. Michael Siegel, Tobacco Analysis Blogspot

Information Update- Health Canada warsn of potential risk of pulmonary illness associated with vaping products

'Momma, I'm scared': Vaping suspected in illness that's left man on life support, family says, Rebecca Lopez, WFAA

Did a Teen in Colorado Fall Gravely Ill from Vaping? Kim LaCapria, Truth or Fiction 

Crowdsourcing US Lung disease outbreak info, Amelia Howard project, ongoing with latest known info being added

Illicit Pot 'Oil' Culprit in Vaping Disease? Salynn Boyles, Medpage Today

New Mexico Department of Health Reports Eight Cases of Severe Lung Disease Associated with Vaping of THC Products, New Mexico Department of Health

Majority of Wisconsin Lung Disease Patients Who Reported Vaping Cite THC Products, Wisconsin Department of Health Services

Illegal Cannabis Oil Linked To National Outbreak of Lung Damage, Foster Winans, Marijuana Times

Outbreak Update: New Possibilities, and the Feds Weigh InJim MacDonald, Vaping 360

Dank Vapes is the "Biggest Conspiracy" in Pot That Can Put You Into a Coma, Emma Betuel, Inverse

Wisconsin Man Hospitalized with Lung Damage After Using Fake Dank Vape Cart, Zach Harris, Merry Jane

Fake Vape Cartridges Are Disrupting the Legal Weed Industry and Duping Black Market Buyers, 
Zach Harris, Merry Jane

Vape users: No need for alarm over death in US, expert says, Charlotte Cook, RNZ

21 Cases of Lung Disease Linked to Vaping Cannabis Bought on Street, Laura Klivins, KQED News

Counterfeit Weed Vape Cartridges Are Everywhere- and They're Making People Sick, EJ Dickson, Rolling Stone

Unlicensed marijuana vaping products eyed in 21 lung disease cases in Calif., Erin Allday, SF Chronicle

Vape Pen Lung Disease Has Insiders Eyeing Misuse of New Additives, David Downs, Leafly

Boston Pulmonologist Provides Misinformation About the Cause of Severe Lung Disease Associated with "Vaping" by Dr. Michael Siegel, Prof in Dept of Community Health Sciences, Boston U.

People are vaping THC. Lung Injuries being reported nationwide. Why is the CDC staying quiet? Jay O'Donnell and Ken Alltucker, USA Today 

Overregulating vapes will cause more injuries, not fewer: Neo-prohibitionists are intent on creating a dangerous black market, Adam Sullivan, The Gazette

Federal Health Agency Engages in Baseless Scaremongering by Linking 'Severe Lung Illness' to 'E-cigarette Aerosol': What do respiratory conditions in people who vaped black-market cannabis extracts tell us about the hazards of Juul? by Jacob Sullum, Reason

VTA Calls for Health Officials to Disclose Facts & Act Responsibly 

Lancet commentary- Nicotine without smoke: fighting the tobacco epidemic with harm reductionEmeritus Professor Robert Beaglehole, Emeritus Professor Ruth Bonita, Ben Youdan, Clive Bates

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