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Vapers of Saskatchewan,

On November 6, 2019, amendments to The Tobacco Control Act were passed unanimously by the Legislative Assembly allowing the province of Saskatchewan to move quickly to ensure regulation of vaping and vaping products is in line with existing tobacco legislation.

While this may seem like great news, as legislation for vaping products is long overdue for our province, and we applaud the government for taking necessary steps to help curb outlandish advertising in gas stations and convenience stores, as well as youth appeal/uptake, there is some cause for concern: provisions for restriction of flavours.

We all know that flavours are an important mechanism behind why vapour products are so successful at keeping us away from traditional combustible tobacco.

Loss of flavours would be catastrophic, and would end the vaping industry in Saskatchewan.

It is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE the Saskatchewan government hear from all of you. They WANT to hear from you. What we need is each and every one of you to email your MLA, Health Minister Jim Reiter, and Premier Scott Moe, stating your name and age, postal code, when you started smoking, when you started vaping, and explain why vaping your flavour of choice is keeping you away from combustible tobacco.

Your voices are powerful.

You can find your MLA here:

Premier Scott Moe

Hon. Jim Reiter, Health Minister

If you want to continue vaping your flavour of choice, please, PLEASE take 5 mins out of your day to send an email to your government. We understand your time is important to you, but so is your right to choose a less harmful alternative to combustible tobacco: flavoured vaping products.

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