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Contacting Canadian Senators regarding Bill S-5

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Firstly, here is Senate Bill S-5. Read it. Then read it again. Understand it. Understand the concequences regarding the amendments surrounding vaping.


We will lose our right to vape and talk about vaping if Bill S-5 passes - it is every vapers responsibility to do something or we will have none of this - no shops, no community, no facebook groups - check out the links at the bottom of this post.

Some facebook groups have gone as far as banning ads, handchecks, etc. until their pages are filled with screen shots of your letters to your senators, MP's, MLA's, and media outlets...and good on them. If you have time to post ads, handchecks, trick videos, et. al., then you have time to write your letter.

Bill S-5 will eradicate the vaping industry in Canada if it passes. Thousands of small businesses and jobs will be lost. Your local vape shops WILL disappear.

We need to put all our differences aside in this community and SAVE VAPING - please help spread the word.

This is why *YOU* as a vaper need to get your letters out to the government!

Do you want to continue to have access to vapour products to help keep you away from tobacco?

Do you want your favourite shops to close their doors?

Bill S-5 as it stands does NOTHING but cause harm to the vape industry. Access to new devices and eliquids WILL go bye bye. Don't let our government, our "representatives" pass this bill.

Make your voices heard. The time is RIGHT NOW.

The best way at this point is writing your vaping story to the people responsible for this bill - tell them how long you smoked, how it affected your life, and how you found vaping and how it changed your life - focus on the part that shops need to be able to talk about the products and flavour and that this bill needs to be based on facts and studies

Need more ideas? Check out this PDF:

Please include these links at the bottom of your emails:

Useful links to share with you:

Find your MP who represents you by entering your postal code: 

These are the emails of the Senators who are responsible for this Bill:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Myths about Bill S-5:

  • Myth: Bill S-5 will make vaping products available to adults for harm reduction.
    • Reality: The bill makes nicotine for e-cigarettes legal. But along with this “legalization” comes a regime that could easily make many if not most products available on the market today illegal. E.g. it bans currently legal zero nicotine flavoured e-liquids (dessert/drinks/confectionary) & hardware testing requirements & document are not specified: there is no guarantee that companies will be able to afford these requirements.
  • Myth: Bill S-5 establishes reasonable regulations.
    • Reality: by and large, the regulatory regime treats vapour products as though that are the same as cigarettes. BUT regulation should be proportionate to risk. Considering that vapour products are not likely to exceed 5% the risk of smoking, treating vapour products like cigarettes is wildly inappropriate.
  • Myth: Bill S-5 will not affect “responsible” businesses that only sell to adults.
    • Reality: The entire independent industry is deeply threatened by Bill S-5.
  • Myth: That Bill S-5 is balanced.
    • Reality: There is no formal harm reduction mandate in the bill. The legalization of nicotine containing ecigarettes is being used to give the impression of “liberalization” yet the formal justification for the regulations in the bill is based in gateway mythology. The existence of the entire vapour industry is at stake. Moreover, Bill S-5 will likely create a new black market for several products that are currently legal.



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