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ECC Ontario, CA, August 2018

Another ECC in the books!

The Electronic Cigarette Convention held in Ontario, CA is probably one of my favourite events to attend. So much hustle and bustle, and tons of new products to see.

This year I got to stay at the squad house with some of my favourite people in the industry, and it was an absolute blast. Excited that I got to meet some new faces too: urby_urby (Elayna) and her boyfriend A.J., Tony B, The Vaping Bogan (Sam), vinylandvapor (Erik), and a pile of others.

The event was crazy. The Squad Booth this year was huge, and it was busy. REALLY busy. Duane (OhmBoyOC) was showing off a new product called the G.O.A.T., which is an interesting little RDA. I don't want to go into too much detail, but it's a clever design that I personally feel will do really well. On top of that was the release of "Rocket Blast", which is a juice collab between OhmBoyOC and Grimm Green. Think Anarchist Blue and Anarchist Pink Lemonade, with a hint of strawberry.

Beecher (Coilturd), and Mike (M.Terk) were busy selling coils as always, and they both had some new juice flavours as well: Coilturd's Peach Tea Lemonade, and M.Terk's Terkish Harvest which is a blend of red apple and butterscotch. Both flavours are out of this world, and will hopefully be available in Canada very soon.

TwistedMesses (Kent) had his TM24 Pro RDA's up for grabs, with a couple of new designs: matte gold and matte blue. Both look absolutely killer. Amongst these were TM24 Pro decks available, and some new top caps called the Eclipse cap, which came in three different styles: black ultem, amber ultem, and a third which I can not for the life of me remember what material it's made of...but it's a clear/frosted cap made of a high temp material.

Zach (Feenz) was at a different booth, selling his wares alongside Wake Mod Co. and Limitless Mod Co. Among his coils were four bottles of juice from his Drip Feenz line: Apricot & Cream, Blackberry Milk, Boysenberry Ice Cream, and Strawberry Kiwi Chilled. I managed to grab a bottle of each, and let me tell you...they're amazing. I can't wait to bring them in.

Saving the best for last, it's always an honour and a pleasure working along side Jess-marie of Double Helix Designs, and that's what I was doing again this year. Seeing people with new devices come straight to her for a tip to accessorize their new setup is heartwarming, and it's fun helping folks find the right one to get that matchy-matchy just perfect. Jess is one of the sweetest, kindest, most genuine souls I've ever met, and it's amazing to see her imagination and creativity come to life.

And now... some photos!

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