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Has Vaping Lost It's Way?

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Start digging. Keep digging. Dig through the pile of fidget spinner toys, 400W mods, cloud chucker tanks, gimmicky box mods with flashy lights and touch screens and modes and touch sensors, coming in all sorts of garish colours.

Reached the bottom yet? Keep digging.

There! That's it! See that? That little tiny root? Yeah. Do you know what that is? That's what vaping is:  a tobacco harm reduction product. A miraculous invention created for folks that want an alternative to smoking traditional tobacco. An alternative to the patches, gums, chews, mists, and drugs the pharmaceutical companies want *you* to use to quit smoking with.

Why am I going on this rant? Because it's needed, and I'm not the only one out there that sees where vaping is headed. We shouldn't be glamourizing it. We shouldn't be selling toys along side these products. Sure, vaping can be fun. Let's definitely keep a fun side to an extent, but in reality, it's not a toy in and of itself...and that's the direction this product has been heading for a long time.

We all complain about how our government, Health Canada, Canadian Cancer Society etc. are stating how attractive to youth these products are. How we're advertising and marketing to youth. If you take a good long look at what vaping is today compared to what it was five or six years ago when it was new to Canada, they're not entirely wrong.

Vaping isn't all about clouds. Vaping isn't all about the tricks you can do with your exhaled vapour. Vaping isn't about how powerful your device is or how many batteries it can take or how flashy the lights are on it, how many pictures of scantily clad women clutching their vapourizers you can have on your social media posts...and that's mostly what we're seeing these days.

So...has vaping lost it's way? Think about it.

Vaping is a safer alternative to smoking.
Vaping is about tobacco harm reduction.
Vaping is about saving lives.

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