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No more SMOK? Why??

We've been receiving a lot of calls recently asking for SMOK hardware. We no longer carry hardware from this manufacturer, and here's why...

We at QCV pride ourselves in bringing in high quality products. We would much rather put a durable, high quality device into the hands of our customers, something that will stand up to abuse, and the wear and tear of general day-to-day use.

Unfortunately, in our experience, SMOK has not manufactured durable products. With failures such as faulty switches, glitching or failing screens, buttons no longer working, 510 thread adaptors falling out or coming loose, broken solder joints, leaky tanks, bad coil heads...the list is just too large.

We've been at this the longest in Regina, and have had many, many products through our shop. The highest rate of return on failed hardware has been from this company, a rate that is completely unacceptable in our eyes. This isn't to say that SMOK doesn't make a good product, they could just make a better product, instead of focusing on mass-producing variations of the same thing, with flashing lights and similar gimmicks being crammed down the throats of consumers lately. The device may look cool, but in the it going to last?

No device is bulletproof. However, there are many other devices out there that are far more durable and can handle day-to-day abuse and general wear and tear. Do these devices come at a higher cost? The answer is yes...but consider this: you get what you pay for, and this applies to anything you buy.

We research products. We watch reviews, and even bring in samples to test before we even consider stocking certain devices. The ones we have available in store are ones we feel our customers deserve: a device that will not only serve it's purpose, but is solid, will last, and keep our customers happy.

And as always, customer service is our #1 priority. If you have a problem with your device, let us know! We have a 30 day exchange policy where we will provide you with a direct replacement within the first 30 days of the warranty period. Most of the devices we carry have between 90 day and 1 year factory warranty from date of purchase.

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