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Vaping E-Liquid vs. Vaping THC Cartridges

Credit for article goes to VapouRevolution


There is a lot of misinformation coming out in the news in regards to vaping and lung issues. It is important to note the difference in vaping products and how they may affect your system.

The major difference between cannabis and nicotine vapes is the bases or diluents being used. Nicotine is diluted into a 'hydrophilic' base, and cannabis is diluted into a 'lipophilic' base.

It is important to understand how vape concentrates are manufactured. In both cases, an active ingredient (either concentrated nicotine or cannabis extracts) are diluted to an exact dose represented on the package. This means you take your active ingredient and 'dilute' this with what is called a 'diluent', 'solvent' or 'base'.

Nicotine is a 'hydrophilic' substance, meaning this combines into other hydrophilic substances such as water, glycerin and propylene glycol. Concentrated Nicotine is added to other 'diluents' to create an accurately dosed concentration of nicotine. Your lungs have the ability to deal with water based substances with ease (think of inhaling steam in a steam room) These substances have been used safely in the vape industry for many years.

Cannabis extracts are whats called a 'lipophilic' ingredient. This is a scientific term that describes an oil soluble substance. As we all know, oil and water do not mix. This extract is then combined with an oil soluble diluent. This is where complications can arise. If the cannabis extract is diluted with an improper substance such as Vitamin E, Avocado oils or canola oils, it can create lung related issues. This is because residuals of the diluting oils will then recollect in your lungs, blocking the cilia in the lungs from absorbing oxygen. If vaping enough of these oils or fatty acids, large deposits oil will collect and completely block oxygen from absorbing into the system.

It is important to understand the difference between the 2 substances, and take note of what substances were creating the issues for the reported incidents. For the cases related too this in the news right now it is crucial to understand that it takes a scientific back ground to properly formulate these mixtures. The science is clear cut - however, whoever formulated these problematic vapes did not do enough research and ended hurting innocent people by cutting corners.

If you have any concerns regarding what is in your vape, please ask your local vape shop for the information related to the ingredients. All nicotine vape liquids in Canada go thru rigorous testing before being sold in the Canadian market.

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