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VAMP Rig Mod

In 2014 the founders of Vaping American Made Products met for the first time in Orange County, California to discuss their mutual desire to create the hardest hitting mechanical mod that would be hand crafted to the highest quality. To them, the products available on the market lacked true passion and were manufactured using inferior materials. That same evening the groundwork was laid to what is now known as The Rig Mod and Roughneck Atomizer. The first true competition mech mod that would raise the bar throughout the vaping industry.

Fast forward to 2015, The Rig Mod Version 2 was released. Never skipping a beat by exceeding all expectations and hype. A more compact and sleek design that packed an even larger punch. The V.2 quickly became the go to mod for Competition Cloud and Trick Competitors alike. Taking first place in the 2016 Vape Capitol Biggest Cloud Competition only lends more credibility to cloud chasers across the globe.

Both versions of the Rig Mod have gained international notoriety by winning multiple best mod awards including the 2016 Vapouround Magazine Mod of the Year. One would think all these accomplishments and accolades would satisfy most manufacturers but not VapeAMP. How do you outdo the previous iterations of The Rig Mod? You make the hardest hitting mod known to man. The Rig Pig, a series box mod crafted with the same ideals of the products that came before it and you make it so it would outlast the user.

To this day, the same collective minds forge new paths to deliver the best available vaping devices. Through exceptional design, high-grade materials and unmatched manufacturing, this is the foundation of what makes Vaping American Made Products.