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60ml Dis Won by Coil Vapes Vanilla Custard Eliquid Ejuice

Coil Vapes

Dis Won by Coil Vapes


Dis Won by Coil Vapes

Dis Won, made by Coil Vapes, easily the most hyped juice of the year! The crazy thing, it’s a plain old vanilla custard, or is it? Vanilla Custards are popular, most of us have vaped some form of a Vanilla profile right out of the gate into the world of vaping. We watched and heard as other reviewers ranted and raved about this juice, knowing there was something to it for sure based on the volume of rave reviews. But for some reason none of them captured or expressed what makes this juice so great (other than to say it’s great). Well, it’s a sophisticated Vanilla Custard, almost Floral in nature. The Vanilla is the freshest we have tasted (more like the flowers of Vanilla than the bean), there is a nice hit of honey, and the most surprising and interesting is the hint of Jasmin that brings it all together so lovely. This is a complex juice, Dean has for sure spent the time he states perfecting Dis Won. The balance is perfect, and the Creme Brûlée image is fitting on the label (you get it on exhale). As for Cleanliness, it’s great for a Custard but still not super easy on your coils. All in all, Dis Won is the best Vanilla Custard on the planet right now.


  • Smoothness - 10/10
  • Intensity - 9/10
  • Flavour - 10/10
  • Originality - 10/10
  • Complexity - 10/10
  • Balance - 10/10
  • Cleanliness - 8.5/10

Overall Rating

Inhale: Smooth Creamy Mix of Sweet Vanilla, Honey and a magical touch of Jasmin

Exhale: Sweet, Delicate, almost Fluffy Vanilla & Cream (Think Creme Brulee)

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