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Easy Butter Maker 1 Stick Weed Bud Dry Herb 420

Easy Butter Maker

Easy Butter Maker - 1 Stick


Easy Butter Maker - 1 Stick

Easy Butter Maker is fast and easy to make infused herbal medicinals. Make herbal butter or oil in about 10 minutes.

One Stick or Two Stick relates to the capacity of the Unit to use one or two 1/4 pound sticks of butter.


  • Herbal extractor for butter or oil
  • No straining
  • No moving or electrical parts
  • Light weight and easy to carry
  • Easy to clean

Add butter or oil, add water, add your dry herbs or trimmings, tighten the bottom portion of the Unit to the top portion of the Unit, then place the Unit on your stove.  When you hear the Easy Butter Unit gurgle and see steam, you know it is ready and it is time take the Unit off the stove.  Pour the fluid out of the Unit into a container, and you get a fabulous flowing liquid. No straining is required.  The water and butter will separate in your container.  You can put the container in your fridge for a few hours and the butter will harden and then you can easily pour out the water.  Or, if you want to do your baking right away, use an eye dropper or baster to remove the water from the bottom of the container.  After the water is removed, you have your butter ready to use for baking.

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