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Roor Tech T-Slugger Borosilicate Glass Shatter Dab Oil Concentrate 710 420 Water Pipe Nail Rig


RooR Tech T-Slugger Dab Rig


RooR Tech T-Slugger Dab Rig

This fantastic glass concentrate waterpipe from Roor Tech is made in the USA from the highest quality borosilicate glass.

The tube stands 26cm in height, with a glass thickness of 5mm to ensure durability and heat resistance.

RooR Tech have equipped the Slugger with a diffuser downstem which helps to break up smoke, increasing the surface area and providing a cool, smooth hit of cleaner vapour.

This stunning glass piece comes complete with a domeless quartz concentrate nail allowing you to use this rig for oils, concentrates and waxes straight away.  

This is a superb quality glass waterpipe from RooR Tech that is sure to be popular with connoisseur smokers, particularly the 7:10 dabbing generation.  

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