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Underground Labs

Underground Labs is proudly Canadian and develops World-Class e-liquids in an ISO Certified Lab to ensure the highest levels of sanitation and consistency, producing the highest level of quality liquids for all our customers to safely enjoy.

We understand that some people have sensitivities or an allergy to PG, which is a synthetic compound. To mitigate this risk and to ensure the best experience for all our customers, we do not add any PG to any of our liquids, we strictly add the organic non-synthetic version. The organic version eliminates the potential risks of sensitivities, allergies, dryness and the plastic flavour that PG causes for being synthetic. All our liquids are made with USP and Kosher Certified vegetable glycerin (VG) and, USP and Kosher Certified non-synthetic organic PG.

To learn more about the synthetic liquid PG please visit this link.
To learn more about the organic liquid VG please visit this link.

All our recipes are carefully developed over time to produce complex flavour profiles sure to satisfy to most demanding palates and critics. In addition, we do not add large amounts of sweeteners to our liquids in an effort to disguise simplistic and unsatisfying recipes.

Underground Labs carefully selects the highest quality flavourings from reputable and respected North American and European producers, producing mouthwatering flavour profiles, which our customers expect from Underground Labs. We also only use the highest level of quality nicotine available in the industry, producing a smooth and satisfying throat hit, without any harshness or peppery flavour that inferior quality nicotine is unfortunately known for.

Expect more from Underground Labs, because you deserve it.