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***MUST READ***   Now you can have your say about Bill S-5. This is an official public consultation to the Government of Canada regarding the proposals for the regulation of vaping products.   GET YOUR VOICES HEARD!   Share, share again, reshare.Consultation on proposals for the regulation of vaping products

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Has Vaping Lost It's Way?

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Start digging. Keep digging. Dig through the pile of fidget spinner toys, 400W mods, cloud chucker tanks, gimmicky box mods with flashy lights and touch screens and modes and touch sensors, coming in all sorts of garish colours.Reached the bottom yet? Keep digging.There! That's it! See that? That little tiny root? Yeah. Do you know what that is? That's what vaping is:  a tobacco harm reduction product. A miraculous invention created for folks that want an alternative to smoking traditional tobacco. An alternative to the patches, gums, chews, mists, and drugs the pharmaceutical companies want *you* to use to quit...

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